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  1. writers: Waymon Boone
  2. Horror
  3. USA
  4. Director: Waymon Boone
  5. Mena Suvari
  6. Summary: A group of young people, guided by an app which connects living with the dead, find themselves at an abandoned castle. A place with a horrific history tied to each of them, for reasons they'll soon discover

Apparition type enemies sekiro. Apparition of virgin mary. Apparition trailer 2019. Apparition sbr bag. "Every day we find new ways to be online. One mans refrigerator texts him alerts about a coolant error. Anothers baby monitor sends photos of his child in night vision. People wielding phones chase apparitions in the park — Pokémon Go, a layer of childhood pixel monsters draped over physical reality — streaming trails of data behind them. There are tablets at the airport, browsers in rental cars. No screens yet on the subway, we think, and examine print ads for a chat-based pharmacy. But then, as if summoned, the screens appear! Its our stop, crumbling and dirty as ever, newly outfitted with luminous displays shilling an expanding internet of things. Out on the street, a row of boxy storefronts displays the same pastel objects that have been following us around the social networks via tracker pixel. Its as if the Instagram square has leapt from the screen. We look around, do a double take. Is this the internet, too? We accept it, we guess. We like the internet. And really, wed be online all the time if it werent for our eyes, those sensitive organs. Sidewalks fill with blue-light protection ads (on screens, of course) while we wait for our phones to learn to track eyestrain. In the meantime, we tear ourselves away to do the laundry and wash dishes, to drive to the grocery store or navigate on foot via. our screens. These activities demand the attention of our eyes and hands, for now. But we still have ears and mouths. Alexa! Play the Goldberg Variations. Actually, no — play the Song Exploder episode about Fleetwood Mac! This is why we love podcasts: they are the internet for our ears. Now we can be on the internet all the time. Every corner of the internet has its corresponding podcast. We cant read left Twitter when assembling Ikea furniture — at least, its not in the instructions — but we can listen to The Dig s deep dive on The Eighteenth Brumaire. Reading the New York Times while attempting Times recipes isnt recommended, but those who want the Gesamtkunstwerk experience can queue up The Daily. If all you watch on TV is basketball and Top Chef, you can listen to a podcast about Top Chef hosted by two basketball journalists. Or say, just hypothetically, you fell off your bike trying to take a selfie, concussing yourself, and the doctor said not to watch anything on a screen, not even Making a Murderer. Luckily for you, podcasters love murder. A woman we know just posted on Facebook, “FAVORITE MURDER PODCASTS? ” and the recs go on for days. The gray ellipsis is still bouncing. Listening to podcasts is a soothing kind of saturation, like ASMR, if you replaced the crinkly sounds and sensuous whispering with reedy-voiced dudes and cool girls with vocal fry. Its hard to get riled up by a podcast, when the hosts are inarticulate and the episodes run over an hour. Done right, what the medium encourages is binge listening: each episode, a smooth little capsule, perfectly self-contained, can be popped one after another. The overall effect is pacification, a balm for burnout. As we fall asleep to podcasts and extend our time online into the first REM cycle, their murmuring voices drift into our dreams. There are words in our heads — thoughts, opinions — but for once, theyre not our own. With your precious metal parasite humming happily in your hand, the only thing stopping you from listening to a podcast is you. Just plug in, pick the show, and play it: theres no flipping through stations, no snatches of song or prayer, no scraps of news, and no chance youll settle on something without knowing what it is. Theres nothing intrusive, accidental, surprising — no static, no interference — and itll cut out all the other unwanted noise of life, too. An unbroken stream of sound, a stealth multitasking machine, the podcast has no natural predators. The only interruptions are the ads, but we dont mind them. Theyre for the same five free-delivery, life-in-a-box, order-from-your-phone services we stare at on the subway anyway. Above all, podcasts make us feel less lonely. We tell ourselves offer codes in order to live. They simulate intimacy just enough to make us feel like were in a room with other people, or at least near the room. definitely in the same city as the room. But these people with podcasts are so much sharper than us, so at home in their corners of the world, with easy command of their respective bodies of pop-culture knowledge. The appropriate response is fandom. Coughing up 5 on Patreon feels like paying the cover at a dive for our local band, and were pleased to be part of something. Some podcasts even do live appearances, for which we might buy tickets. Listening to our heroes once intimate voices on a booming sound system, though, surrounded by a thousand fanboys, feels like a betrayal. We thought we had something special, with their voices so close to our ears. Podcasts were the first medium designed to be listened to primarily on headphones, by a single person. Hell is other listeners. Actually, hell is other fans — specifically, fans of podcasts we dont listen to. People give each other recommendations, barely better than the algorithms, and describe it as “discovery. ” “You have to check out Pod Save America, ” we hear a journalism student say to a barista. A rookie error, to admit to not listening; once you do, youve brought the proselytizing upon yourself. By now we have learned to lie, just like we learned to lie about watching Six Feet Under. Of course we love 99% Invisible! That episode about the artists squatting in a room accidentally built into the mall? So good. Back when we were honest, we suffered more. The more culture we consume and process alone, on our computers and phones, the more we appreciate the company of others who, in dishing about our common interests, can approximate the collectivity we crave. Tweet Maybe we were better off with loneliness. In that meme “How It Feels to Listen to Podcasts, ” three laughing friends eat sundaes in a brightly colored ad while our IRL stand-in laughs along beside it, a bowl of ice cream slowly melting in his hand. Is that us? Podcast hosts are the friends we think we love hanging out with but who we suspect dont love us back. You know the types. There are the explainers, at the start of the party, who corner us at the drink table to talk about blockchain-transferred solar power and the fine points of cosmetic dentistry. There are the recappers and decanters, who narrate TV episodes at length, spinning their theories and dispensing gossip. Over on the couch are the nihilist shitposters, politically incoherent but reliably mean about other peoples outfits, and the endearing deadbeats who record from their closets. Standing up straight, beers in hand, are the professionals: producers and reporters who either work for NPR or migrated from the once stable profession of print journalism. Theyre talking to the big-name comedians, who invited — ugh — the storytellers. Holding forth by the door is the human-interest host, a descendant of congested Third Coast favorites like Ira Glass, and his rival, the stoner MMA fanatic whose favorite website is a tie between Pornhub and the Wikipedia page for the singularity. Then there are our favorites, the charismatic weirdos: people we like for no reason, people who are just good at talking. Maybe not even good. Maybe just talking. Did we actually learn anything useful from these people, or just suffer through for a moment of company? Did we stay for that little high of accruing knowledge, however thin? At least now were armed with a collection of blithe anecdotes, prepped for retelling. At the next party we can all just talk about what we heard on this weeks podcasts. It doesnt matter if we remember what they say, or if its all nonsense. This is friendship. We should start a podcast! How hard could it be? Pretty hard, actually, if you want it to sound legit. We had a good podcast once, before our producers left for brighter climes. (If youre reading this — we miss you. But we could pivot to DIY, do one of those sprawling phone-conversation shows you record on Skype and master in a free software download. Lo-fi podcasts, when you think about it, are just like blogs. The first real podcast, Christopher Lydons Radio Open Source, even went out over RSS; its raison dêtre, like many an early bloggers, the Iraq war. Our own generational catastrophe is now upon us, as are the means of production. Its our time! But blogs. were maybe better than this. Bloggers wrote as badly as podcasters talk, but the medium had the charm of being genuinely amateurish. Podcasts, on the other hand, tend toward the unlistenable or the painfully overproduced. The sound quality is bad or the “improvisation” is forced, and the latter can be more grating than the former. Theres a camp on Cape Cod where, for 9, 000, you can learn to make the perfect NPR segment. The gist of Ira Glasss advice: sound “like a real guy telling you something hes interested in, not a news-robot. ” Three more episodes of that guy! And what would our podcast be about? Surely we can come up with something. Podcasts are second-order cultural productions, records of reactions, consumption in real time. Most of them expand on existing mass-culture obsessions: sports, TV, gossip, crime. They create more culture by attending to culture, but without ever lapsing into criticism. Hosts instead serve as panel commentators on our niche hobbies — Korean skincare, Spider-Man comics — and pet political concerns, such as Supreme Court oral arguments or Pew Research Center polling data. They take the amiable chatter of live television — where our interests would never get the ratings to warrant a dedicated show — and carry it into the more affordable realm of audio. Yesterday, while cooking dinner, we had a strange desire to mainline neoliberalism. We turned on a live-taping of Voxs The Weeds, with special guest Mayor Pete. This guy spends a lot of time listening to Vox podcasts, we thought. Industrial decline, electric cars, industrial decline, he droned. But then, during the Q&A, one of the attendees asked the host a question that had nothing to do with his guest. Mayor Pete just had to sit there. Thats real power: you have the first gay, polyglot presidential candidate onstage and you, the podcaster, are still the star. Soon, candidates will start lobbying for podcast endorsements the way they meet with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register. Peak podcast will be when The Daily goes rogue from the New York Times and endorses Beto. Its tempting to think of podcasts as the left-wing equivalent of talk radio. The Republican Party has the AM dial; we have the iTunes Store. But the Silicon Valley libertarians and members of the “Intellectual Dark Web” — a childs collage of Hegel quotes with way too many gluey fingerprints — have a raft of podcasts as popular as those on the liberal left. If you listen to The Joe Rogan Experience, you might also like The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast or The Ben Shapiro Show, which ranks as highly as Rachel Maddows podcast on the big streaming platforms. Tim Ferrisss four-hour workweek has left him with plenty of time to innovate two-hour podcasts. These hosts mission, as Slate has reported, “is to convince the worlds least-informed people that they are actually the most -informed people, and they are very good at their jobs. ” Even for leftists, it never feels risqué to download a podcast from the cloud. Someone let Chapo Trap House publish a book with no problem at all. What does feel edgy is ascending the ladder of podcast-subscriber engagement — paying, monthly, for content — or descending into the realm of subreddits and burner Twitter accounts, where fellow fans unpack the pod. Here, in the dank basement of the political unconscious, youll find the clean, sublimated consumable that is the “conversation podcast” returned to the forum from which it sprang: the comments section. That the imagined community of podcast listeners is functionally indistinct from these semi-yucky spaces where democracy died isnt encouraging. Still, the Dead Pundits Society (a podcast for surviving the “neoliberal hellscape”) isnt fascism. Its just depressing. Maybe podcasting would be more interesting if it were an instrument of fascism, or terrorism. ISIS knows better: they dont make podcasts, they make YouTube videos. Talk radio can still control the listeners emotional response, but no one feels threatened by the infinitely banal podcast. Instead of emotion or camaraderie, what podcasts produce is chumminess — reminiscent of the bourgeois club atmosphere, reconfigured as the desperate friendliness of burned-out knowledge workers. They arent pieces of media so much as second jobs or second lives — a way to pursue our hobbies when we have no time to spare, to have smart people talk at us when we have no time to think, to have new books summarized when we have no time to read. Our relationship with podcasts exists in uninterrupted parallel to the rest of our existence, a wealth of knowledge ready to be tapped at any moment. Podcasts intensify our saturation while pretending to relieve it. Its like a voluntary authoritarian state, except instead of state-funded sitcoms, we have Marc Maron. But what would we do without it? Die, probably. Be murdered. Become a true-crime podcast. Dont forget us when were gone; please rate us on iTunes. The Editors.


Apparition 2019 movie. Apparition movie. A film with my favorite actresses Amy Adams, julianne Moore and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Yeaaaah. Apparition (2019. You are so cute,wanna marry me hehe. Apparition crossword clue. Apparition movie trailer. Apparition de la vie. Apparition Hill. Remember kids keep a knife while swimming. Jesus est resucite malgré le mal qu'on lui a fait. Apparition meaning in tamil. Apparitions brian balmages. Pour ceux qui pensent du n'importe quoi sur la Vierge Marie, sachez que Marie a été choisie parce qu'elle était pur, pour avoir porté le Christ dans son ventre pendant 9 mois,vous qui dite n 'important quoi sur elle c'est dire que Dieu a fait une erreur en l'as choisissant comme mère de son enfant, pour celà nous devrions lui dire merci pour avoir porté, nourrit, éduqué le Christ.pourquoi voulez vous qu'il doit être écrit noir sur blanc dans la Sainte Bible pour lui demander d' interceder pour nous?c'est une question de logique de demander à la mère du Christ de prier pour nous puisque bien évidement elle sierge auprès de Dieu, nous aussi nous prions tous les jours pour avoir la vie éternelle auprès de Jesus et elle qui était pur ne croyez vous pas qu'elle soit avec son fils?franchement arrêter de tout mélanger Marie mérite respect et reconnaissance er Jésus aimais sa tendre maman qui veillait sur lui comme nous on fait avec nos enfants. C'est exactement la même chose, si le fils d'une vos amies est directeur quel que part si vous cherchez du boulot vous iriez voir votre amie pour lui demander de dire à son fils de jeter un coup d'œil sur votre dossier, c'est exactement la même chose, nous demandons à Marie interceder pour nous auprès de son fils et pour tout enfant qui écoute sa Maman il ecoutera les dix commandements que Dieu nous à donnez il dit Honore ton père et ta mère et Jésus aussi Honore sa mère voilà ma modeste contribution pour faire comprendre qu'il faut respecter la mère de notre Seigneur et lui ne sera pad d'accord si on viens à lui manquez du respect comme nous avec nos aimons nos mamans Christ aussi aime sa maman.

@Hiusze Noom I was wondering if you believe that Mary is among the living or the dead? When Christ died and rose again do you also believe that Mary rose from the dead too? I always wondered about that. O doux Jésus comme c beau de voir ton unième apparition, reçois nos prières aux creux de tes saintes mains... G vous salue Marie. Apparition meaning. Apparition mac miller. Apparitions definition. Suspenseful, fun, not too scary; just enough scare! Entertaining and different than all the typical, non-original "horror/thriller" films. I also enjoyed knowing that the Preston Castle scenes were actually shot in the castle, made it more thrilling for me.

The lyrics would be a damn good horror movie tbh. Apparitions in macbeth. Apparition of mary. Apparition of the blessed virgin mary. This movie was shot entirely on location at the historic Preston Castle and the Jackson Rancheria. In addition to the Hollywood stars, there were tons of local cast and crew on the production! All the child actors were local to the Sacramento area. The budget for this film was designated as Ultra Low Budget, so don't expect lots of high tech effects. For a lot of the cast and crew, this was one of their first motion picture experiences. For those who like horror movies without overt gore, this is a fun movie to watch.

Apparition trailer. Apparition rx bandits. Arena Event: 「第12回シノビマスターズ」開催! The 「12th Shinobi Masters」Arena Event will be held from 5/17! In this event, players will battle other players teams, and will gain points allowing them to raise their rank, depending on the results of the match. 「S medals」 which can be obtained at the end of each match, and 「M medals」 which are acquired at the start of the each 「Shinobi Masters」Arena Event depending on your previous ending rank, can be exchanged in the store for various items. This time, the 「絢」and「繚」styles will be boosted. 「絢」and「繚」style cards will have their attack and defense increased by 100% as well as having their speed increased by 10. Lets try to compose a team that can take advantage of these effects! ■Event Period Until 5/27 13:59 ■Lets Compose a Team and Defeat Our Enemies! Upon defeating an opponent in the 「Shinobi Masters」 event, you will receive a set amount of points to increase your rank. The amount of 「S medals」and「M medals」 that you will receive changes based on whether you win or lose, as well as your current rank. ■Lets Get the Battle Point Rewards! Among this times battle point rewards, the new SSR Yuyaki (Stroll) has arrived! Also, you can obtain 「秘伝玉」 which can be used to upgrade each card, as well as 「半象」, which can be used to increase each cards luck value! Lets take this chance to get the new card and items♪ ■Lets Collect Medals and Exchange Them for Items! 「S medals」 which can be obtained at the end of each match, and 「M medals」 which are acquired at the start of the each 「Shinobi Masters」Arena Event depending on your previous ending rank, can be exchanged in the store for cards or items. ■Exchange Period After maintenance on 5/17 until 13:59 on 6/18. *300「S medals」can be acquired in one day. *「M medals」will be distributed at the beginning of the next Arena event. *Remaining 「S medals」and「M medals」held at the end of the exchange period will expire. *SSR cards acquirable with medals have a starting luck value of [10. *This events contents as well as time period may change without prior notice. ■Regarding the 1GB RAM Usage On some devices, using 1GB of RAM may cause the application to automatically close during the arena event or regular missions. If this is occurring on your device, please try going to menu (メニュー) and then the options (オプション) settings page. Set the quality (クオリティ) to low (底) and set the Memory usage (軽量設定) slider to OFF or low (底. *Please consider that you may be experiencing problems due to an OS update. As always, please enjoy playing 「Senran Kagura Shinobi Master NEW LINK」. Missions: 覚醒戦「天を焦がす一振り」開催! The 「One Strike to Burn the Heavens」event will be held from 5/17! As you complete this event, the exclusive awakening material「Conflagration Medals」, which are required to awaken 「Homura (Scarlet-Team Outfit)」, will drop. Lets aim to acquire 「Conflagration Medals」and awaken 「Homura (Scarlet-Team Outift)」! ■Event Period ・Until 6/18 13:59 ■Lets Awaken Using exclusive awakening materials, you can awaken your cards. Awakening your cards changes the cards artwork, as well as increasing its stats! In addition, if the outfit changes, you will acquire the outfit as well. 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Further, there is a chance to have 「Conflagration Medals」drop in chapter three as well! *Regarding chapter 3, medals will not drop from「NEW LINK CHANCE」. *The stats of the boss in this event differ from the stats of the acquirable card. *This event will return in the future. *The events contents and time period may change without prior notice. We ask for your cooperation in advance. *After the event data update is ready, a prompt will display, and you will be taken back to the title screen. At that time, please relog-in and download the game update. 「黎明に疾る風」開催! The 「Wind That Runs at Daybreak」Tower Event will be held from 5/17. In the「Wind That Runs at Daybreak」event, 「閃」style shinobi and 「善」(good) shinobi will be boosted. Try making a team to take advantage of each stages field effect! In addition, if you are able to complete stage 25, you will acquire the title 「Wind That Runs at Daybreak Domination」as proof of your domination! 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If you clear both the 「Wind That Runs at Daybreak」and「Wings That Cut the Darkest Night」tower events, you will receive 5 「Ninja Spirits」♪ Lets collect some ninja spirits! ■Event Period ・「Wings That Cut the Darkest Night」 Until 5/27 13:59 ・Limited Time Mission Until 5/31 13:59 ■Event Outline ・「Wings That Cut the Darkest Night」 *The events contents and time period may change without prior notice. Gacha: 「爆乳祭」開催! The 「Big-Breast Festival」Gacha Event will be held from 5/17! This times Big-Breast Festival features Homura, as well as the return of Asuka and Miyabi! Big-Breast Festival cards are able to apply various status effects, as well as having extremely powerful hidden arts and passive skills! The new SSR Homura card, and the SSR Asuka and SSR Miyabi cards have a higher probability of being pulled than other SSR cards. *For details, please check under the [排出一覧] tab. Additionally, after using the 「Pull 10 cards」 option 3 times, you will get one round for free! Accompanying this event, the awakening events 「Hidden Dance of the Glittering Wind」and 「Black and White Adornment Evolution 」will be available everyday until 5/27 at 13:59! The acquisition chances for each of the Pick-up Cards during this event is 0. 5. We thank you in advance for your understanding. ■Event Period Until 5/27 13:59 ■Pick-up Cards ■Pick-up Cards Introduction <UR Scarlet Homura (Big-Breast Festival)> This card is capable of dealing extreme target damage, as well as raising the attack of all allied characters. As this card holds the “絢・繚-Style Killer” passive and immunity to the freeze status effect, you will find it very useful in the current Arena event! 【Ninja Art: Guren Tsuchi Chougeki・Improved】Deal large damage to 3 enemies「moderate cooldown」 【Hidden Ninja Art: Guren Taishakuten】Deal extreme damage to 1 enemy, and increase all allies attack by 50% for 3 turns [short cooldown] *After awakening UR Scarlet Homura (Big-Breast Festival) setting her hair style to default will cause her hair style to change during missions. In addition, Scarlet Homuras eye color will also change. <True Shadow Asuka (Big-Breast Festival)> This card has a leader skill that increases 閃-style characters attack by 70. To compliment the high damage, this card comes with an exceptionally high damage ninja art, and a maximum damage hidden ninja art! 【Ninja Art: Kin Suzu Hana】Deal exceptionally high damage to 1 enemy [moderate cooldown] 【Hidden Ninja Art: Oni Hyaku Ai】Deal maximum damage to 1 enemy, and for 3 turns, lower that enemys defense by 50% moderate cooldown] *After awakening UR True Shadow Asuka (Big-Breast Festival) setting her hair style to default will cause her hair style to change during missions. <UR Abyss Miyabi (Big-Breast Festival)> This cards passive skill 「Keiraku Hakai」causes Miyabi to deal additional damage to paralyzed units! In addition, this card deals extra damage to apparitions, so lets deal damage to some apparitions! 【Ninja Art: Afuredasu sfida 】Deal damage to all enemies「long cooldown」 【Hidden Ninja Art: Kuroo Shiki】Deal extremely-especially high damage to 1 enemy [moderate cooldown] *After awakening UR Abyss Miyabi (Big-Breast Festival) setting her hair style to default will cause her hair style to change during missions. In addition, Abyss Miyabis eye color will also change. ■Important Points *The time period of the event may change without prior notice. *If you wish to check the chances of acquiring each card, please check the 「排出一覧」button located on the Gacha screen. *1 SR+ card is guaranteed when using the 10 card pull option. *The guaranteed SR+ is only available from the 10 card pull. *The Pick-up Cards from this event are more likely to be pulled than other cards of the same rarity. *All of the Pick-up Cards have an equal chance of being drawn. *After this event period has ended, the cards from this gacha may appear in future line-ups. *The outfit displayed in the card illustration, and the outfit on the in-game model may have some differences. As always, please enjoy playing 「Senran Kagura Shinobi Master NEW LINK」.

Wow, amazing <3. Apparition troy baker lyrics. Lets just hope this doesnt lead to a husky buying craze! Theyre really not a dog to be bought in a whim. Apparitions tv show. Apparition crossword. Apparitions tv series. Apparition love lil peep. When are they going to learn, less equals more. If you're going to make a movie with a ghost in it don't have an actor as the ghost, it comes off making the movie look cheesy. At most the entity should be seen as a silhouette or shadow on the wall slowly moving down the hallway. *UPDATE* 10/30/2019 Once again, due to high traffic, my latest DropBox account has been suspended. just got another email. I won't shut down the links. They may work again in about 24 hours, but who knows. So as of now. I will no longer be taking any additional requests for the download link. The upload link is still functioning because it is on Google (vs Dropbox. So consider this project officially closed. Hope everyone got what they wanted/needed. *UPDATE* 10/28/2019 OK. new account created and files moved. But the extension date remains the same. New links generated. and for GODS SAKE, DO NOT post the links in this thread! FYI. the UPLOAD link has been updated. DropBox is a pain for the uploads apparently. Upload HERE Few things. The collection is quite extensive, and as I have previously stated, is available to all. BUT if you are getting LOADS of stuff for FREE that others have purchased and donated already, then consider purchasing something that is not yet been added to the collection and share it. This is the ONLY way this collaboration will continue to grow and benefit everyone. There is currently pretty solid collection from AtmosFX. but where the collection lacks is with stuff from Spectral Illusions and ESPECIALLY Hi-Rez Designs. PLEASE GIVE BACK TO THE COLLABORATION! Also, this will be the last "stay of execution" for this share drive and it WILL go dead NOVEMBER 9th, 2019. Please no more asking for the links after that. There will be NO WAY I can stretch this thing out any longer. If you missed it, then reach out directly to someone that has posted on this tread and see if they will be willing to share what they acquired from this share, they got it for FREE, I would hope they would be willing to help others out since they themselves got help. UPDATE* 10/27/2019 The most recent download link has been banned from DropBox for either (too much traffic. we broke the internet. OR someone posted the share link in the thread that had to be removed by a moderator and the DropBox account got a DMCA takedown notice and it killed the account (Right about the time the link broke, there was a comment in the thread that a moderator had to remove. If the second scenario is the case, then there is nothing I can do about it and this is over. I have been attempting to move the files into another location on the DropBox account and generate a new download link. But it is giving me an error that the account is banned. This might resolve itself in 24 hours (kinda like getting a "time out" for children) or this might be the end of the road for this project. Please no more requests for the link until this is resolved, I am unable to keep up with the messages wanting the link. Stay tuned. UPDATE* 10/26/2019 THE PREVIOUS DOWNLOAD AND UPLOAD LINKS NO LONGER WORK Files have been successfully transferred over to another DropBox account and new links have been created. I will try to get to as many people that have continued to show interest as possible, but I might miss someone, so hit me with another message now that everything is up and running again. Few things. UPDATE* 10/24/2019 My uphill battle with keeping the DropBox account active has become too problematic (extending the trial, refreshing the links (daily) etc. so the account I was using has been deactivated, therefor the download link will no longer work. Not gonna lie, it was a lot of effort to keep up with sending out PM's with the links (some appreciated more than others. From the start, this was intended to be a way for people to pull together to gain additional resources as well as contribute to the larger collection. Literally hundreds of people got access to over 160GB of digital Halloween decorations totaling THOUSANDS of TB downloaded (DropBox reports) but with less than 10 people that contributed to the growth of the collection ( THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS) it was VERY one sided. I have been trying to figure a solution to keep this project going, even on a limited basis, but no luck. Currently the files are on the DropBox, but it is no longer allowing me to generate a share link. If anyone has a solution to this problem, please let me know. I have no problem continuing this, just need a better option. There are approximately 160GB of stuff currently, potentially more. Needs unlimited upload/download (unlike the free OneDrive and DropBox services that limit 20GB/day) and shareable links. One suggestion was compiling as a Torrent, which can be done, but would tie up all my bandwidth and would be slow for people to download. At this point, if you have specific requests, I would suggest reaching out to the folks that have requested access early on (prior to a week ago) and see if they would be willing to share. I can handle a few requests for specific files, but access to the ENTIRE collection at one time does not look like a possibility. Thanks again to everyone that supported this project! Last year a group of people got together and contributed what they had and we were able to develop a solid collection for everyone. Everything is here for the sharing BUT consider purchasing something from the original makers and share, others have shared what they have purchased and got LOADS other stuff in return. If you are getting tons of stuff for free, strongly consider contributing to allow this collection to grow. I know I have purchased several of the AtmosFX stuff a couple of years ago and have made them available for all. UPDATE* 10/15/2019 It appears that the download link is still viable. HOWEVER. the upload link is no longer working. For anyone wanting to contribute please use this link: I will then move the newly uploaded files to the Shared Drive (original link) for everyone to see/get. UPDATE *10/12/2019* So, DropBox has notified me that my Business Subscription has expired. But I am not sure if this will impact the files that are on the drive and/or the links that I have sent out to people. I logged in and it appears that things are still working, and according to the DropBox cancellation information, files will remain for 30 days past the trial ending. If this is true, then this drive will get us past Hallowween. The best I can say is "give it a try and see how long it lasts. Some folks have voiced interest in "picking up the mantle and running with this" forward, which I have absolutely no problem with. Again, I would give it a couple of days to see what happens to the drive contents and share links. Someone please let me know in a day or so if they are still able to access them, or if there are issues. The links shared here will expire on 10/12/2019 (read intro for reason why. Everything is here for the sharing. But consider purchasing something from the original makers if you feel so inclined, others have shared what they have purchased and got loads other stuff in return. I know I have purchased several of the AtmosFX stuff a couple of years ago and have made them available for all. No obligations either way, it's here for the sharing/having. ENJOY! UPDATE* 10/4/2019 8:00 P. M. US EST With 7 days left in the share drive, the contributions have been rolling in. Under Spectral Illusions - Ghost of Prudence Primm has been added Under AtmosFX - Halloween Moon has been contributed, Ghostly Apparitions 2 that I bought, and Creepy Clowns that was contributed from another member To EVERYONE that has contributed/donated to this project... THANK YOU! UPDATE* 10/3/2019 HAPPY SPOOK-TOBER We have entered into the final stretch of this share drive. My trial ends in 9 days, after that the links will be dead. I plan on moving things to my original OneDrive and will have limited access (20GB/day activity. Many things have been shared and LOADS of stuff have been downloaded. My DropBox report shows downloads into the Terabytes! There are still a few things that people have been requesting. AtmosFx just released their Ghostly Apparitions 2 and not too long ago Creepy Clowns. If anyone has them or would consider purchasing them and uploading them to the drive, the community with appreciate it! Again, no obligation, but if you were able to get everything that was made available, perhaps consider contributing. Last year several folks contributed their Halloween digital decorations to a Google Drive and we accumulated quite the collection. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing the swap again this year? I have a OneDrive account with 110 GB of space and I don't mind hosting the drive. FYI to everyone. I plan on making all the files downloadable ONLY, so something doesn't accidentally get deleted or the collections get all scrambled (I remember some of this happening last year. But there will be an UPLOAD folder that anyone can send their files to, then I will move them over to the read/download only folders. Hopefully this will work out and keep the collections in good shape! There will be a pretty solid collection from AtmosFX. but where my collection lacks is with stuff from Hi-Rez Designs and Spectral Illusions, so if anyone has some of these, that would be GREAT, but ANY contribution will be appreciated by the community! UPDATE* 9/9/2019 Everything I have is uploaded and live! There are 2 separate links that I will PM anyone that is interested. One is for the DOWNLOAD only, the other is for the UPLOAD only folder. Even though you can see the UPLOAD folder from the Download link, you won't be able to upload to it without the second link. I could not figure out how to set separate permissions within the same folder. must be a OneDrive thing I guess. It can be done on Google Drive, but I have more storage on OneDrive. For those that are just getting started with the digital decorations, download as much stuff as you want. that's why it is here. For those that Upload things, please let me know when the upload is complete and I will get it organized and moved over to the Download quickly. And thank you for your contribution! If anyone has an issue (links not working, etc) please let me know and I will fix it (hopefully. UPDATE* 9/11/2019 HELP! Many of you have sent me messages about the OneDrive not working. The link is either disabled or it has "Exceeded Sharing Limit. Apparently Microshaft has put a 20GB cap on shared drive links on the free service. I had no idea. I have even enrolled in the "One Month Free Trial" of office 365 and created new links. still the same "Exceeded Sharing Limit" response. I have almost 70GB worth of Video and some audio files currently on my OneDrive, but can't figure out how to share it with everyone! I am looking for suggestions/workarounds. OK. Thanks for your patience. AS OF RIGHT NOW, the OneDrive links are disabled. I'm moving things over to Dropbox. I did an online chat with a Dropbox representative and they said that there is no "Share Limits" like OneDrive has. I have gone ahead and signed up for DropBox Business with a 1 month trial. I am currently uploading the videos (again) to Dropbox and it says 14 hours left. Once it is done I will test it out and send out a PM's to everyone. This Dropbox account will only work for 30 days. After that, I am canceling to avoid the 200 yearly fee. So, once it is up. let's all go crazy and get it full and grab what we need. *UPDATE* 9/12/2019 Hopefully everything will work out better this time (actually couldn't have gotten any worse. Everything is in Dropbox. And Dropbox is a pain the the a. BUT I believe I have everything setup so it will work. There are 2 separate links, one for downloading, and one for uploading. Downloading, you have to download the individual sub-folder, there is no way to click on several folders and download one massive pile of files. Dropbox (like Google Drive) will make a zip file to download Uploading it is a weird system and wants email address, etc. I am still trying to figure this part out, but wanted to get the download part done right away. I did a test and just make up a first and last name and email address, it does not verify the information, so go for it! I sent another round of PM's with the new links to everyone that originally requested them. HOPEFULLY I got everyone. If not, PLEASE send me another message and I will do so ASAP. I will PM them to anyone that wants them. Wish us all luck on this latest attempt. UPDATE* So far, so good! I can see that there is downloading AND uploading! And no one has reported issues like we had with the 1st attempt using OneDrive. Thanks to everyone that have already contributed to this collection. I will get them moved over this evening ready for download tomorrow! Kudos coming your way! Again, if you have requested the links and I have not responded, my apologies. I get confused with the Reddit app on my phone when I check it during the day and might have overlooked your request. Please send me a 'BUMP' with another request and I WILL send it to you! Thanks! Now let's get out there with these Videos and Sounds and scare some kids on Halloween! LOL! UPDATE* 9/15/2019 Everything appears to be going smoothly with downloads for everyone. Folks have been contributing as well. Check under AtmosFX and find the Halloween Moon (NEW. New folder Total HomeFX - Couple of new additions to The Singing Pumpkins folder as well. More stuff being prepared for uploading at the moment. I will provide some info on the updated files once they are done uploading (most likely tomorrow. ADDITIONAL items are up* Thanks to a large contribution of videos, there has been several updates. More than I can remember or account. The most notable will be in the AtmosFX and Total HomeFX folders. Several of the collections were updated with some missing files. Apologies for not documenting which ones, it was late and I was just trying to get them done before crashing for the night. *UPDATE* 9/21/2019 Everything is working correctly and there has be LOTS of activity on the drive. THANK YOU to everyone that has contributed and for your interest. Just as an FYI, this DropBox account will be deactivated in 19 days from today (free trial and don't want to pay the 200/year fee. After that ALL shared links will become inactive. I plan on moving everything over to the original OneDrive that I have, but it has limited Upload/Download of 20GB/day. Let all get as much sharing on the current account until then.

A sign that our Savior is nearly nless Italy

Apparitions band. Apparition film. “The world is like a novel; its a novel in which you are a character. ” - Terence McKenna. Please enjoy this post. But also note that I feel vulnerable in clicking “submit” and pushing intimate soul aspects out into the open for anyone to react however they want. Optics are very important to my type of personality, and the optics of indiscriminately vomiting my reincarnation tales onto Reddit seems foolhardy though necessary at this present node. I have to let go of the fact that my words may be taken differently, by different types of people, all of whom possess different mindsets and experiences. However I know its for the best. Otherwise I wouldnt have clicked “Submit. ” Im not sitting in the cave anymore to wait to be beckoned out. Im coming out. I was private about some details because I wasnt sure what I would unearth next, what I would peel back… would it be embarrassing? Am I space cadet? Maybe it's safer to be private to a degree. But as I sit here and think about it, “privacy” is unreal. Honestly, any sense of privacy we may think we have in this Internet-of-Things Age is wholly illusory anyway. And dont think about going off the grid and running off into the woods for privacy. “Privacy” out in the wilderness is a completely illusory affair as well. Think about it—all actions, events, scenes, and locales conjured up by any consciousness in this Multiverse are always going to be recorded in the Akashic Records (or Halls of Amenti … whatever nomenclature tickles you. Im sure that many aspects of consciousness are free to browse the Akashic entries that were generated by incarnations personified throughout my existence, throughout the entirety of what we understand to be the cosmos, beyond the limits of linear time. Try not to be scandalized. Your Akashic dirty laundry is in here too. So why dont you and I thumb through some worn and frayed edges of my old vinyl collection of incarnations that I lived in this holographic realm. Shall we. Soul Profile At-A-Glance The following information was gleaned from a Portland Akashic Healing Practitioner named Jennifer Diallo. This reading and akashic clearing session occurred on January 7, 2018. Total Earth Incarnations: 361 Earth Lifetimes (including this incarnation. Soul Group of Origination: Pleiades Soul Overtone: Sirian Soul Group OverSoul Vibration rate: “Your higher self has a vibration rate of 5. 75, which denotes a Fifth Dimension Soul who is practicing, mentoring, or teaching others on a spiritual path. As you approach higher and higher vibrational levels of the spiritual practitioner or teacher range, you will find yourself less interested in religions and more and more comfortable with living a spiritual life as a daily personal practice rather than an externally focused theology. ” Soul Specializations: “You have three soul specializations. These are skills that are innate and reflect inherent gifts and talent that your soul is engaged in over all lifetimes and dimensions…” 3rd Order Soul: “These souls are the ones who escort entities to their appropriate location for clearing and restoring them to a vibration of divine love, light and alignment. Third Order souls when not incarnated assist other souls during transitions to and from the Earth plane - being born and dying. Third Order souls have mediumship skills and may see dead people or be able to communicate with them to encourage them to move on to their next appropriate plane of existence. ” Council Member of the Pleiadian Council: “You will likely have a feeling that you have a specific mission for this lifetime on Earth. You may want to explore this further through work with your Spirit guides, Life between Lives regression or astrological channeling. ” Restoration Master: “This skillset gives you an innate understanding of how the Divine Soul Blueprint manifests into our physical experience and a deep understanding of when people are making choices that go against their Divine True Nature. Restoration Masters are driven to help individual people and humanity, in general, get back into alignment with their authentic Soul expression. ” Diallo described to me other incarnations that are not discussed in my post. She said that a mystery school that resonates with me is Zoroastrianism —that a previous lifetime I lived as part of this movement bears an ongoing influence on me right now. Also, a historical period or era that has an ongoing positive influence on me is the period of the Late Middle Ages in European history during the 15th century AD. This is a period that I experienced a very self-expressed lifetime. It might be interesting to research this period and see if there are inspiring people, writings or historical events that resonate in some way. Below you will see my own narrative stitched together from myriad regressions, readings, downloads, events, synchronicities, and other cosmic craziness Ive experienced in 2017 and 2018. Lets explore. The Atlantean Aspect(s) Two separate esoterics informed me that I carry significant Atlantean energy. This ancient aspect of my being is probably the foggiest aspect coming to the fore of my consciousness, so Ill just bullet-point some of my findings: I am a practitioner of crystalline technology and curator of crystalline consciousness. I do not specifically know (or “remember” I guess) how crystals can be harnessed, but I do know that they are a source of limitless energy and are capable of incomprehensible amounts of data storage. They are also deserving of our deference and respect. I carry multiple Atlantean incarnations. Not unlike how actress Shirley MacClaine divulged her Atlantean incarnations to Matt Lauer on The Today Show a few years ago. Some incarnations were incredibly light-filled and during the golden age of Atlantis. I carry less ties to the Lemurian social memory complex. One incarnation went incredibly dark. I was a priest in the Alta-Ra priesthood. I do not know if this incarnation were male or female. This priest betrayed the Alta-Ra priesthood and helped the Sons of Belial mis-use incredibly powerful crystalline assets that were aspects of our advanced humanoid Earth colony. I helped usher in cataclysm of a significant order. I do not know if my Atlantean acts of betrayal were deliberately evil, or just foolishly naive. The phrase that pops up every time I think about it is: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions. ” I may have had a hand in ushering in a mutant timeline of a fallen Atlantis and a fallen 3rd Density Earth. In this grand multiverse, surely there are timelines in which Atlantis cleanly ascended into higher octaves of existence and did not experience a grand tidal-wave of disaster-movie proportions. However you and I may find ourselves in the mutant, lower timeline. So lets check out further damage that I may have inflicted on this dreamy Earth realm…. The Josephus Aspect Titus Flavius Josephus, born Yosef ben Matityahu, is a human who shaped Western civilizational reality more than we may care to admit. Josephus was a first-century Romano-Jewish scholar, historian and hagiographer. He was born in Jerusalem—at the time part of Roman Judea—to a father of priestly descent and a mother who claimed royal ancestry. Josephus initially fought against the Romans during the First Jewish–Roman War as head of Jewish forces in Galilee, until surrendering in 67 AD to Roman forces. Josephus just wanted to save his hide, he didnt want to die for a cause. How do I know? Well his I-Dont-Wanna-Die quick thinking was so cunningly resourceful that it spawned a mathematical permutation that vexes us today. You may have heard of the Josephus problem. Josephus saved his own butt by weaving a tale that Jewish Messianic prophecies (that initiated the Roman-Jewish War) were actually references to Vespasian becoming Emperor of Rome. This, of course, put him in good graces with the Romans. Because who doesn't like a written handjob? Vespasian decided to keep Josephus as a slave and interpreter. After Vespasian became Emperor in 69 AD, he granted Josephus freedom, at which time Josephus assumed the emperor's family name of Flavius. Josephus wrote extensively on religion and geographic affairs in 1st century AD. Josephus wrote an ‘official history of the 66-70 AD revolt and became loathed by the Jews as a turncoat and traitor. Though Jews were SO OVER Josephus, Josephus still felt Jewish at heart. He wrote 20 books by 93 AD, and it seems like the purpose of a lot of his work was to present Judaism to the Greek/Hellenistic world in a flattering light. Apparently Josephus was a bit of an insufferable shit as well. Gary William Poole of Encyclopædia Britannica cast a scathing yet likely accurate indictment of the personality of him/me/we: “As a historian, Josephus shares the faults of most ancient writers: his analyses are superficial, his chronology faulty, his facts exaggerated, his speeches contrived. He is especially tendentious when his own reputation is at stake. His Greek style, when it is truly his, does not earn for him the epithet ‘the Greek Livy that often is attached to his name. Yet he unites in his person the traditions of Judaism and Hellenism, provides a connecting link between the secular world of Rome and the religious heritage of the Bible, and offers many insights into the mentality of subject peoples under the Roman Empire. “Personally, Josephus was vain, callous, and self-seeking. There was not a shred of heroism in his character, and for his toadyism he well deserved the scorn heaped upon him by his countrymen. But it may be said in his defense that he remained true to his Pharisee beliefs and, being no martyr, did what he could for his people. ” Yikes. But wait a minute, look at this cosmic shit! Josephus recounted a possible mass-sighted UFO encounter that occurred in the skies in or around 75 AD. Wrote Josephus: Besides these [signs] a few days after that feast, on the one- and-twentieth day of the month Artemisius, Jyar. a certain prodigious and incredible phenomenon appeared; I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those that saw it, and were not the events that followed it of so considerable a nature as to deserve such signals; for, before sun-setting, chariots and troops of soldiers in their armour were seen running about among the clouds, and surrounding of cities. Moreover, at that feast which we call Pentecost, as the priests were going by night into the inner [court of the] temple, as their custom was, to perform their sacred ministrations, they said that, in the first place, they felt a quaking, and heard a great noise, and after that they heard a sound as of a great multitude, saying, Let us remove hence. Jewish Wars, VI-V-3. In 1987 a historian wrote about Josephus UFO adventure: “A supernatural apparition was seen, too amazing to be believed. What I am now to relate would, I imagine, be dismissed as imaginary, had this not been vouched for by eyewitnesses, then followed by subsequent disasters that deserved to be thus signalized. For before sunset chariots were seen in the air over the whole country, and armed battalions speeding through the clouds and encircling the cities. ” (Jerusalem Under Siege, David Chilton, Ph. D. (1987) I had a past-life regression in which I gained slivers of first-person memories of embodying Josephus. Honestly they were just tiny morsels of experience. Whats pinging me today about Josephus? Namely the fact that he had a penchant for spinning propaganda for comfortable accommodations. Hed spin any tale for “three hots and a cot. ” As Josephuss life progressed, he enjoyed plush safe accommodations for his service as a mouthpiece to push Empirical propaganda to his fellow Isrealites. I feel resonance with Josephus. Its not a flattering mirror reflection, but its an accurate one in certain (hopefully minor) respects. At the end of the day, I think Josephus bears responsibility for enshrining some of the cruel and corrupt Western religious paradigms that society suffers under today. Josephus may not have understood what awfulness he wrought. Josephus never got a taste of the medicine that he pushed down Western civilizations throat. So, enter Dorothy. The Stratten Aspect My oversoul incarnated as a woman born as Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, better known to the public as Dorothy Stratten. She was born in 1960 and murdered in 1980. How do I know about this connection? Because a Lyran Starseed Native American Shaman in New Orleans told me so. Well and theres other confirmation too, but that past-life reading was probably the most overt hint. Dorothy Stratten was whisked from obscurity to stardom in the blink of an eye. Dorothy was a Playboy Playmate, model, and actress. Stratten was the Playmate of the Month for August 1979 and Playmate of the Year in 1980. Stratten appeared in three comedy films and in at least two episodes of television. She was (allegedly) murdered by her estranged husband/manager Paul Snider, who (allegedly) committed suicide on the same day. Read a narrative about her life in Harpers Bazaar. Take a look at my sister soul-aspect as she graces the cover of the June 1980 issue of Playboy. Look closer. Closer, still. See anything else sharing the cover with her? Just two fluttering Monarch butterflies! Nothing to see here. Move along. Kidding, of course. Although dark humor does little to soothe the frightening realization that became obvious to me as my multi-month breadcrumb search about this woman and her life progressed. Dorothy, my sister soul-aspect, was a woman who unwillingly underwent (god I cant believe Im typing this) MK-ULTRA programming. The hints are painfully obvious. As a fag who used to be in the closet, honey Im good at picking up on dropped hints. Specifically, I believe Dorothy underwent Monarch Programming. Further specific still: she underwent Monarch Beta “sex kitten” programming. I see evidence that the beautiful and naive Dorothy had been whisked from a Nanaimo Dairy Queen in British Columbia straight into a Los Angeles honeypot den of sex, exploitation, and elite debauchery. The Playboy Mansion. Just beneath its tawdry glittery facade Dorothy became the plaything for the worlds most powerful men. Incomprehensibly rich creeps indulging in fucking, drugs, partying, and secret rituals atop lavishly plush and expensive yet ugly jizz-encrusted furnishings. Dorothy quickly became imprisoned in a “fancy” dungeon populated with the Criminal Rich. Dont let that adorable fuzzy white rabbit out front fool ya. Like Josephus, this incarnation left us fragments of a life and personality. I present to you a sampling of Dorothy clips: Here's Dorothy interacting with John Ritter in the Peter Bogdonavich classic movie: “They All Laughed. ” Dorothy is trying on coats in this short scene. Dorothy appeared on an episode of the disco-delicious cosmic 70s show: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. You are advised to smoke some pot and watch this 30-second episode trailer or treat yourself to the full episode. It features an outlandishly overt MKULTRA-centric story-arc, but set on a Love Boat knock-off starship cruising outer space (once again I cannot believe I am typing these words strung together in this way. Dorothy appears as “Miss Cosmos, ” and her perfect genetics are in danger of being stolen by a “woman of two faces. ” The two-faced woman is an unsuspecting blonde who turns into a devilish brunette to carry out heinous crimes on behalf of her handler. Um, blatantly obvious much? Jesus Goddamn Christ. Check out this glorious trailer for the 1980 movie Galaxina. Dorothy Stratten starred in this crazy amazing sci-fi movie that bore her characters namesake. I dont think Dorothy enjoyed making this movie, but to my current incarnation this is absolutely the best Easter Egg I could have ever asked to receive. This movie evokes Mystery Science Theater 3000 campiness inter-twisted with bawdy juvenile sex humor. Also its Cosmically Galactic. So it is basically my fantasy life, personified. Dorothy is the star of an incredibly low-budget 55-minute Canadian film titled Autumn Born. This movie was made on a shoestring and is obscure as fuck. Please dont turn it on while your kids are in the room, this is very R or NC-17. The loose plot is that Dorothy plays a recently orphaned teenage heiress named Tara and she is sent to a boarding school for naughty girls by her rich greedy uncle who wants to co-opt her family fortune. Please be advised that if you were an experiencer of abuse, you will find this movie to be significantly triggering. The bad-movie hilarity is somewhat undercut by on-screen demonstrations of incest, overt will-breaking programming, and other abuse. Lets describe one scene in particular: Tara (Dorothy) is locked in a barren basement cell and the prisoner (a character named Philippe, because of course) sends a wind-up toy mouse into the room. Tara finds it and befriends it. Tara ad-libbed stuff to the rat, saying things like "You'd like to escape, wouldn't you. but you can't. She hides it from her captors. Tara starts hoarding food to feed the plastic toy, crawling on the floor behind it yelling "I need you honey, I won't hurt you. A recording of ‘Three Blind Mice then blares on a speaker and Tara becomes hysterical that the toy could have its tail chopped. Philippe suddenly barges in the room and crushes the mouse with his foot. At least I think its his foot. This movie seems to blatantly showcase methodical abuse that Dorothy underwent. In June 2018, after all my Dorothy research, I nutted up and decided to buy a copy of the June 1980 issue of Playboy. I took a day off and walked to an amazing quirky bookstore called Longfellow Books. I have a PAX vaporizer so I got stoned/toasty on the way. Just before I walked in there were three chickens walking around on the sidewalk out front. Perhaps a nod to avian consciousness from the Universe? I walked inside. Enjoy this conversation that I had with the bookstore proprietor: “Hi Im the guy who called about the June 1980 issue of Playboy. ” I purposefully didn't say the name Dorothy Stratten. The owner who inherited the store from his dad was really cool and had the issue nearby. I decided to look around but I figured that, since this was an obscure publication, I should probably get multiple copies in case one copy gets dog-eared. “Hey, ” I asked with one copy in my hand, “do you have more copies? ” “Of vintage Playboy? ” “Well yes, ” I replied, “but I mean specifically this issue. “You want multiple copies of the same issue. he asked, a tish incredulously. "Yes. So of the same woman? ” “Yes. ” I stated, slightly smelling of cannabis but still resolute. He paused for a millisecond, then nodded. The owner didnt know what to make of it. What does this swishy queer dude want with a Playboy anyway? The proprietor went to the basement and came back with extra copies. “Heres another copy, ” he said as he plopped down a second issue. “Heres a third copy on the house. Im not going to ask why but Im sure you have very good reasons. ” “I do! Thanks. ” I chirped. “Yeah OK. ” While at Longfellows I bought a book called The Dancer from Atlantis, a book about reincarnation, a book about Mu, and a book about ghosts in Oregon. Even though I have three copies of the June 1980 issue of Playboy, I have not thumbed through the issues yet. I havent yet seen Dorothy spread out in her full, unabashedly nude glory. I dont know why Im waiting to look at the centerfold. Im incredibly very gay so youd think that the act of looking at her would just be an artistic endeavor or, at the basest level, purely clinical. Yet somehow I havent gotten around to looking at it. Yet. Ruminating more on my Dorothy tie-in, I wonder if the mere fact that Im willing to entertain other aspects of my personality or identity that are non-current, non-linear, non-male, non-white, non-American is probably demonstrative in some way of the fact that I might carry traces of Dissociative Identity Disorder trauma in my auric field and consciousness. DID used to be known as “Multiple Personality Disorder. ” This is a fragmented state of consciousness expressly desired by social engineers and neer-do-wells who wish to create automaton humans who can compartmentalize data, information, secrets, and the consequences of enacting horrible acts of violence of some type. I also believe it got so bad that the Oversoul had to log out of the video game and log back in as a different avatar. Because shit for Dorothy was too much. This whole Dorothy story is unbelievably fantastical, amirite? Well strap in, cuz get this: the Dorothy/me association progressed from “wild” straight to “what the fuck” back in May. I discovered that a man in 2009 professed to have been channeling the spirit/consciousness of Dorothy Stratten to such a degree that he decided to write a book dictated by Dorothy herself. What the hell? I love channeling. Sure half the channels are crackpots, others are disinfo, and a lot of material varies in veracity, but goddamn I won't read it and discern it for filth, hunty. And now youre telling me that the consciousness of Dorothy channeled a motherfucking book? This is all too much. The channeled book is titled Best of Both Worlds: The Unauthorized Metaphysical Biography of Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten. I discovered this while on a trip to Hawaii. From Oahu, I called Powells books in Portland and tried to have the obscure tome ready for me to hungrily devour back when I got to the mainland. This is the most pants-shitting aspect of my entire cosmic adventure. In essence, I incarnated as Dorothy, then incarnated as Alex, then re-punctured this reality to do my own version of the “Seth Material. However if you read Dorothys book its kind of a hodgepodge because the channel became muddy at times, but regardless, solid props to my oversoul as far as Im concerned! Dorothys meteoric life, the intense (and familiar) psychological and sexual abuse and programming she endured, and the horrific sudden death has served as a surprising source of inner-work and transmutation that I have been undergoing over the past few months whilst working to maintain a glossy facade in my Third Density day-to-day career and personal/social life. I never really knew this womans name until my 34th birthday. But having gotten to know her throughout 2018, I feel so resonant with this bright young pixie of a soul. Given the Playboy life that Dorothy lived, and given that I discovered my tie to her while visiting esoteric New Orleans, I dedicate to her the most relevant song I can think of: “Bright Lights and Promises” by Janis Ian. This songs for you, my overused and much abused soul-sister-self. And before we move on, Id like to playfully point out that I think I have discovered why they called it MK-ULTRA Monarch programming… because it caused me to leave Earth and come back as a raging pissed QUEEN. We are back, bitches. Free of triggers, and I/we/she/he/whatever are funneling enough cosmic consciousness to break up the low-vibrational crusty-ass antiquated paradigm that has held Gaia in a low-vibes vice grip for 13+ millennia. So go pound sand, HiddenHand. The Liberato Aspect This is my current incarnation. I am named after Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties. And like the fictional Keatons, I was raised in Columbus, Ohio. I grew into literally a personification of one of the wholesome Mormon missionary Elders youd see from the famous Book of Mormon musical. At 19, the Mormons sent me to Santiago Chile for two years. Chile is one of the UFO capitols of the world. Also interestingly, someone at SoulNexus informed me that apparently Earths kundalini shifted a few years ago from the Himalayas to Chile/Peru. I was blissfully unaware. I was moseying around, buying 1970s necktie castoffs in street markets on calle San Juan de Dios Malebran. To get a sense of my two years in Chile, I invite you to watch this trailer for Taxi Para Tres, filmed in my ol' stompin' grounds in southeast metropolitan Santiago, around impoverished pockets snuggled up against the base of the Andes mountain range. Later I was an unconscious sleepwalker and attending college at Brigham Young University, and I received a lesson on timeline bifurcation and divergence. In April 2006, I altered my life trajectory by making a snap decision to join a gay rights “die-in” protest with my lipstick lesbian BFF. This article got a few details wrong, but you can read about that here. This decision to muck up my education/internship trajectory put me on a divergent life path that has turned out to be better than I could have ever dreamed. Oh and about my BYU lez cuz everyone asks (and she was SOOOO /u/Belthezare in terms of wry-yet-wise-beyond-her-years temperament. She and I were “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” while attending BYU. It was the ultimate arrangement! Wed sneak to the Borders in Provo. Id read Attitude magazine behind a copy of LDS Living and shed read a copy of Bitch behind a copy of the Ensign. Though we lived in an oppressive cultural and religious paradigm where we always had to have one eye looking over our shoulder… we still managed to have fun as well. When I left the LDS church at 21-22, I morphed into the gay-male equivalent of Mary Ann Singleton (Laura Linney) from the Tales of the City mini-series. Now that I think about it, maybe Im more of a Blonde-woman-in-the-70s archetype than I initially realized. Anyhoozle, at this juncture I embarked on a decade of professional fabulousness. I found my soulmate and am living my best life… Now cut to January 2015, when I underwent a catalyzing consciousness awakening that continues up to this present moment. Before said awakening, I was blissfully unaware of consciousness, perception, quantum immortality, divinity, spirituality, and the glorious multidimensional frameworks of reality. It's been a trip. Maybe someday soon I should get around to trying 'shrooms for the first time. Although I get afraid it might go down something like this. My current incarnation is healing, restorative, educational, and really satisfying and rewarding. Today, unlike in decades and millennia past, I know soulmate-style love on a level that I dont think Dorothy nor Josephus ever knew. I think that my current aspect might be learning from or transmuting some of the following characteristics: Atlantean Aspect(s) Respect balance, respect nature, respect divine order. Do whatever we can to reintroduce crystalline consciousness and plant-derived spirituality to the human collective. Josephus Aspect: Reality is created by language, so dont mis-use it. Josephus wielded language to shape history and culture in a manner benefitting his Roman empirical masters. Turns out that the pen is legitimately mightier than the sword. Terence McKenna even says that we inhabit in a linguistic universe. Josephus caused major ripples, major damage, yet paradoxically felt few consequences for it. Stratton Aspect: Just how bad is this horrible world? Dorothy sure went to great lengths to find out! A life lived as Dorothy served as a template for just how bad this corrupt paradigm can get. Also, I presently have sex and root-chakra issues to continue working on. It now makes more sense as to why I incarnated as a gay male in a resoundingly anti-gay religion. One tendency I show is to overheat in my crown chakra and be knotted and dormant in my lower base chakras. I need to restore balance and reclaim the divine body with which Ive been bestowed. I am coming to realize that aspects of me in this incarnation resonate with my role as an Akhasic Filmmaker. More on that at another point/node in what you may perceive as time and space. Before we conclude, let me leave you with one more movie clip. It references the most perfect movie that describes A. my personality, and B. my incarnational “purpose” (or storyline. This is a 2012 Spanish movie by famous director Pablo Larrain called No starring Gael Garcia Bernal. The movie's about the real-life anti-Pinochet campaign that overthrew a longstanding Chilean dictator. I feel that the summation of aspects of my life and current station can be sensed from just the movie trailer alone. Watch the full subtitled movie if you ever get a chance. The fact that its Chilean AND it features historic film fragments just makes all the synchronicity even sweeter. Conclusion We are all collectively waking up in an elaborate consciousness hologram. I have donned many avatars. You have too. Everything that occurs in this holographic arena matters. The tiniest thought-fart you or I may have (positive or negative) always ripples throughout the known cosmos. Yet… Everything is “meaningless” to a certain degree. Because the only point is just the experience of it all, of it all in its infinite manifestations of form. So here I am. A monadic gestalt consciousness. Crystalline in structure. Each prismatic shard in my snow-globe-style energetic framework mirrors rays of light off of one another, bouncing light back-and-forth betwixt the souls with whom I and me and we commingle. Thank you for indulging this long-winded post that was at times nostalgic, funny, dark, somber, optimistic, yet still hopefully light-filled at the end of it all. Im grateful to each of you that I see roaming around on this subreddit. It is beautiful to be part of a ragtag, diverse, eclectic, Rainbow Tribe coming together here in what is essentially a digital roadside spiritual watering hole for the Cosmically Conscious. TL;DR: If you were not internally tugged nor enticed to read my (very) long post, then this article isnt meant for you. Im not making it shorter.

Apparition definition. We love and pray to Mary. We don't worship her. There's a difference.

Apparitions long distance calling

Apparition debussy. Apparition osu. @MegaSigbin. Thank U; dear Tradition tell us Mary help us to be closer to God. Bible tell us Holy Spirit help us to be with God which is correct. Mariam did gave birth Lord Jesus and scripture says He is the Eldest Brother of all saved Human race as He is the first to be raised from the death but same scripture tells us its the Holy Spirit who give birth to every believers in Christ. Further scripture does not support that in latter days Mariam will appear and warn the people. Que intersante esto. 10:17 : what a bubbly fart. Apparition benjamin moore.




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